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      Sime Darby is a Malaysia-based diversified multinational involved in key growth sectors, namely, plantations, property, motors, industrial equipment, energy & utilities and healthcare. Founded in 1910, its business divisions seek to create positive benefits in the economy, environment and society where it has a presence.
      With a workforce of over 100,000 employees in over 20 countries, Sime Darby is committed to building a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. It is one of the largest companies on Bursa Malaysia with a market capitalisation of RM54.08bn (USD17.07bn) as of 30 December 2011.


      To be a leading multinational corporation delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders
      • Sime Darby is committed to developing a winning portfolio of sustainable businesses
      • We subscribe to good corporate governance and high ethical values
      • We continuously strive to deliver superior financial returns through operational excellence and high performance standards
      • We provide an environment for our people to realize their full potential

      about US






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